Restoring line based lyrics

Posted by: J. Larry

Restoring line based lyrics - 06/05/19 10:17 AM

Tech support has been difficult to reach, so a quick question for anyone with a solution. All my line based lyrics have suddenly disappeared. This is across hundreds of songs in many folders. The chords are displayed and the songs play normally. Is there a control somewhere to restore the lyrics? No program settings have been changed or tampered with. Running 2019 with build 626.
Posted by: jford

Re: Restoring line based lyrics - 06/05/19 10:23 AM

Line based lyrics are no longer supported (I can't remember with which version). If you go to the global song settings override screen (Prefs, Overrides), there is an option there to convert line-based lyrics to bar-based lyrics.

This is from the user manual:

Convert line-based lyrics to bar-based lyrics In the previous versions, there were line-based lyrics, which could be entered for each line on the Notation window. You can no longer enter this type of lyrics, but if your existing song has line-based lyrics, Band-in-a-Box can convert them to bar-based-lyrics. This option allows you to choose how the conversion should occur when the song with line-based lyrics opens. The default is “Always (auto-split),” which will convert line-based lyrics to bar-based lyrics and splitting them into 4 bars. If you choose “Always (don’t split),” line-based lyrics will be converted but they won’t be split into 4 bars. You can also choose not to convert line-based lyrics automatically. If the current song has line-based lyrics, you can press the [Convert now] button to convert them to bar-based lyrics.
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Restoring line based lyrics - 06/05/19 04:14 PM

J. Larry,

I noticed you're running build 626 which was released April 16, 2019. Build 628 was released May 02, 2019 and is available +++ HERE +++
Posted by: Dave

Re: Restoring line based lyrics - 06/06/19 05:12 AM

All my old line based lyrics are automatically changed by BIAB to bar based lyrics when I open the song. I can resave it withe the bar lyrics or leave it. I cannot view the line lyrics.

Most of my lyrics are now note based - only the archived stuff is not
Posted by: J. Larry

Re: Restoring line based lyrics - 06/06/19 08:15 AM

Many thanks for the prompt responses. I should has said bar lyrics, rather than line-based. I guess I didn’t know the difference. Anyway, I finally found the control for lyrics. If anyone needs to know it’s the following: Click on the “chord display” icon in the upper middle of the main chord sheet. Then, choose “layers” at the very top of the drop-down. Then, click on “bar lyrics” in the window that opens up. Presto, they all came back. It sure is a sinking feeling to have a room full of folks for a program and no lyrics, when the computer comes on. Fortunately, I knew enough tunes from memory to get through the show. It’s so easy to get dependent on the convenience of scrolling lyrics with each song.