Rendering to MP3 error

Posted by: DelMismoRacimo

Rendering to MP3 error - 07/12/19 06:00 AM

I have a BIAB song with a tempo change that works great but when save as MP3 does not follow the tempo change. Any special setup needed to make the MP3 the same as I heard in BIAB?

Posted by: DelMismoRacimo

Re: Rendering to MP3 error - 08/07/19 07:07 AM

Call to the BIAB experts..please reply. I need to resolved this issue or have an alternative solution.

Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Rendering to MP3 error - 08/07/19 07:47 AM

If the Biab chord chart plays correctly through your headphones or speaker but does not render or save correctly, the simple solution is to record the audio output of the song rather than render. You can use anything such as Audacity, RealBand or any DAW you use.
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Rendering to MP3 error - 08/07/19 09:29 AM

Greetings DelMismoRacimo and welcome to the forum!

I do not remember previously encountering Band-in-a-Box rendered MP3 not following tempo changes so more information about the program, your computer and the song file would be helpful.

It would be VERY useful to store the song file online (Google Drive, OneCloud, Box, Dropbox, 4Shared all offer free online storage) and provide a link to the song file so we can examine the file and possibly duplicate the issue since it is so unusual.

Have you tried rendering the song file as a wave file? If that works then that would indicate an issue with the MP3 encoder you're using.

As Charlie mentioned, you can record the audio in real time as a workaround but that doesn't answer the question of why the problem is happening. To know the answer to that question we need more information.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Rendering to MP3 error - 08/07/19 02:04 PM

Hi Victor,

Can you please give us a little more information.

1. What version of BIAB do you have?

For example is it BIAB 2017, 2018, 2019, etc.

2. Are you up-to-date with the latest build for your version of BIAB?

For example, if you have BIAB 2019, the latest build is #628. To find out what build you have... go into BIAB, click on Help, click on "About Band In A Box"... the build will be in brackets after the version. Something like "Version 2019(617)" -- this says that it's BIAB 2019 with build 617 installed.

Updates for all versions of BIAB can be obtained from the link below.

Often, installing the latest update will fix the problem. I have BIAB 2019(628) and I use tempo changes a lot in my songs. When I render them to WAV, the tempo change is always there. Have you tried rendering to WAV to see if that works? If it does, it's possible to convert a WAV to mp3.

Posted by: rharv

Re: Rendering to MP3 error - 08/07/19 03:25 PM

How are you 'saving to MP3'?

Are you rendering the song or saving (if that makes sense).

I think in RB, Save can treat different things (like Tempo or volume changes) differently than Rendering.
Rendering includes all the features mentioned, whereas Save just saves the data as is which sounds like what is happening.
Which explains why there are 2 functions. If they did the same thing it would be redundant & confusing.

Another workaround is to try saving as a Wav .. if that works, something like Lame Front End (among others) could convert the Wav to MP3 easy enough.
Posted by: silvertones

Re: Rendering to MP3 error - 08/07/19 03:46 PM

I haven't been able to render to mp3 either. Cant get any codec to work. I just render as wav, import to Audition and save as mp3 there.
Posted by: DelMismoRacimo

Re: Rendering to MP3 error - 08/09/19 08:02 AM

Thanks a lot for replying. Among other thinks I will try to render to WAV file format and check if tempo changes are OK.
In the meantime I learn how to play BIAB and record at the same time with Audacity , then safe to MP3. That works fine.