Issue with to fix? [Resolved]

Posted by: Planobilly

Issue with to fix? [Resolved] - 11/24/20 04:35 PM


BIAB prompted me to update. I did so and now I can not render a file in the normal way. When I right click on a track this is what pops up. Never done that before. I removed the two updates from my c drive.

Any ideas?


EDIT: I think I know what has happened, I just don't know how to fix it. When I downloaded the new update it reset several of my settings. There are other way to render a track that work without issue.
Posted by: MusicStudent

Re: Issue with to fix? [Resolved] - 11/26/20 06:11 PM

You are in the reduced GUI menu and you have a version of the floating mixer open. If you r-click on the track in the floating mixer you get a name change. If you want to render you need to r-click on the track name on the top menu line and that will give you an option to render to audio.

So all looks to be as it should be.
Posted by: Planobilly

Re: Issue with to fix? [Resolved] - 11/26/20 10:17 PM

Thanks, After I deleted the update and reinstalled it, everything went back to normal. I had to go through and reset several things. I have not had issues in the past with updates.