Song fades out on last measure

Posted by: Larry Molter

Song fades out on last measure - 11/24/21 06:50 AM

I use BIAB primarily for building backing tracks. I'm learning to play the blues and having a series of BTs in all keys and tempos is great; however, I create the song without a lead-in or an ending because ultimately the rendered .wav file gets installed on a looper. I don't want a lead-in count or two-bar ending. But... the last bar (usually bar 12) fades out the instruments except the drums. I'm using RealTracks exclusively. Any trhoughts?
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Song fades out on last measure - 11/24/21 09:26 AM

I suggest to make the track a bar longer (13) so the fade out occurs after the audio you want to be the end of the material you'll use in the looper. Whether there's intros and endings or additional material before and after should be irrelevant to the material you select to be sampled in your looper.

Posted by: Ember - PG Music

Re: Song fades out on last measure - 11/28/21 04:31 PM

Is this happening in one specific song or is it happening in pretty much any song you try to make? What version year of the program are you using, and do you happen to know the build? If not, you can go to Help | About Band-in-a-Box to check and it will say have a 3 digit number in brackets next to the version year. If it's just one song in particular, are there any ready lines that appear on your measures?