Caribbean/Calypso songs

Posted by: Islansoul

Caribbean/Calypso songs - 12/07/17 09:26 AM

Please add some Caribbean and calypso songs to the title list so that I can create backing tracks that match the song.
Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: Caribbean/Calypso songs - 12/11/17 10:37 PM

Do you have any suggested titles of songs you would like to see added?

My understanding is that this is not actually a Styles Request page, but a Titles Request page.
Posted by: Islansoul

Re: Caribbean/Calypso songs - 12/12/17 06:45 AM

Songs like Jump in the Line, Mary-Ann, Jamaica Farwell.
Posted by: Charlie Gannon

Re: Caribbean/Calypso songs - 11/01/18 09:44 AM

Hi Islansoul,

Thanks for the song examples. Jump in the Line, Mary-Ann, Jamaica Farwell are all in the Database now.