Contest Winner

Posted by: DEddy

Contest Winner - 09/08/16 10:45 AM

Contest Winner is my title using _SLCWALTZ.STY.

A simple instrumental (can't sing) ballad, sharing leads are:

2116 Guitar Resonator then
624 Fiddle soloist then
2118 Piano soloist and
1285 Guitar soloist.

Link at soundcloud:

Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Contest Winner - 09/08/16 06:28 PM

DE. I really enjoyed this one. Nice mix, arrangement and production.

Posted by: DEddy

Re: Contest Winner - 09/08/16 07:09 PM

Thank you Charlie.
Posted by: receder

Re: Contest Winner - 09/09/16 01:15 AM

Lovely song DEddy, a really sweet but melancholy instrumental.

I must check out that Xtra style!

Posted by: DEddy

Re: Contest Winner - 09/09/16 04:31 AM

Rec: thanks for listening.
Posted by: jford

Re: Contest Winner - 09/10/16 07:19 AM

Very nice, and the soloists are so melodic.
Posted by: DEddy

Re: Contest Winner - 09/10/16 07:37 AM

Thank you John.

The chords are taken from an old song "Tammy".
Posted by: RnAM

Re: Contest Winner - 09/13/16 05:49 PM

This is a very cool instrumental!
A very wise choice of real tracks, and very well arranged.
And Anne-Marie completely agrees!

Posted by: DEddy

Re: Contest Winner - 09/14/16 06:01 AM

Thank you Rob and Anne-Marie.

Oh I've been watching you two on YouTube for a long time, your videos are always interesting. I just wish more videos showed you two singing in them.

Posted by: Noel96

Re: Contest Winner - 09/14/16 11:20 AM

Hi DE,

You've composed some very listenable to music with this creation. It was very clever how you mixed an even-beat accordion with the swing beat waltz. That was a brush stroke of genius in my book!

Posted by: DEddy

Re: Contest Winner - 09/16/16 08:45 AM

Thank you Noel: much appreciated.

Posted by: DEddy

Re: Contest Winner - 09/20/16 07:58 AM

Thank you Anne-Marie.