A Woman In Love

Posted by: FasArt

A Woman In Love - 08/15/17 06:42 PM

- Inspiration: the style Spectre in the Xtra Styles 3 Pak .
- Genre: a kind of 1950's pop love ballad translated to the present time - but falling in love and a woman's feeling about it is of course of all times.
- Chord progression and melody: original.
- Daw: Logic Pro X was a great help in progressing the basic idea.

See: https://soundcloud.com/fasart/a-woman-in-love
Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: A Woman In Love - 08/16/17 04:38 AM

Really enjoyed this, do tell us more about the vocal effects.
Posted by: FasArt

Re: A Woman In Love - 08/17/17 03:57 AM

Thank you, VideoTrack, for your encouraging response. In Logic Pro X you find a very advanced sound engine, called Alchemy. The groundwork of the vocals originated from there.