Export Mp3 time change (bpm) asyncronous

Posted by: mmm2018

Export Mp3 time change (bpm) asyncronous - 10/24/19 12:57 AM


Exporting Mp3 or Wave functions so far.

BUT if we have a beginning tempo of 170 if there is a time Change in for example in Bar 27 to tempo 250, there is a time shift, so that the Melody and realstyles do not fit anymore, while playing inside BIAB everything is fine.

In one case, the realtracks (_bossonm) are getting faster but the Melody stays in the 170 tempo.

Using the style Zawinul it seems, only the realsdrum take the new tempo, while all the midi Instruments stay where they are, no tempo Change.

So what can i do for a Export to mp3 or wav, if i have a damn Rhythm Change?

BIAB 2019

thanks for your answers

Kind regards


Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: Export Mp3 time change (bpm) asyncronous - 11/05/19 05:21 AM

Good morning Michael. You've got a lot going on with your project. There's RealTracks, RealDrums, midi instruments and time changes. There's a lot of opportunity for an export to WAV or MP3 to go wrong. It could also take considerable time and effort to locate the issue and correct it before the program will properly export your song. You may also find that exporting such a complex piece is beyond the program's capability.

The fact "while playing inside BIAB everything is fine." may be the best route to quickly and accurately getting a WAV or MP3 audio file of your song.

Without knowing anything of your hardware or software setup, the answer is the same. Record the audio output directly from it playing in your BIAB project in real time. According to your personal PC setup, this can be done in several ways. On my system, I can record 'what I hear' directly into Audacity, RealBand or Studio One from either internally using my PC soundcard, externally from the output of my computer sound card or from any of my audio interfaces outputs. Your personal PC setup should provide you with similar opportunities.

This will provide you an accurate WAV or MP3 file of your song.
Posted by: Matt Finley

Re: Export Mp3 time change (bpm) asyncronous - 11/06/19 08:52 AM

Michael, not to answer your question, but a tip that may help. I almost never look in this forum (BIAB for Windows FAQ) because it is designed for informative posts that give tips to users, not to ask questions about the product. You will get a much larger audience next time posting in the BIAB for Windows PRODUCT Forum (top one in the second grouping of forums).

And I concur with Charlie, recording the whole song in real-time may be the solution you will use. I have to do it this way anyway, since I use a hardware MIDI synth and cannot use the BIAB rendering function. What are you using for your MIDI sounds?
Posted by: mmm2018

Re: Export Mp3 time change (bpm) asyncronous - 03/05/20 02:23 AM

Dear all

thanks for you answers, i get a Little lost in all the preferences, Hardware & Software Questions etc.

And i did not know, that there are of course many processes going on, like RealTracks, RealDrums, midi instruments and time changes etc.

I will check out the possibilities for real- time recording.

BIAB 2019 , Win 10 64
Hardware: AMD, Roland Rubix

best regards michael