Missing all songs when using "Song Titles Browser"

Posted by: Rhodan

Missing all songs when using "Song Titles Browser" - 05/19/20 10:48 PM


I just installed Band in a box 2020 pro. As I was going through the manual I clicked on the Song list browser to see the 14,000 titles that the manual mentioned but I do not see a single song. Do these songs not come with this version of Band in a box? I see some add-ons that include the Midi fakebooks and such, but according to the manual this is supposed to come with this version, or am I misunderstanding this?
I installed the program using default settings.
I have also run a scan of my hard drive for BIAB file formats and have not come across the songs anywhere on my hard drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!