Hybrid style maker (MAC)

Posted by: Marcodelpa

Hybrid style maker (MAC) - 05/08/20 07:42 AM

I can't find the way of combining 2 styles :
using Drums from style A + using bass from style B

I tried the Style maker, but I couldn't find this functionality there.

I have tried to go on the Help menu, but I can't type anything there.

Any advices ?

Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Hybrid style maker (MAC) - 05/10/20 06:51 PM

There is more than one way for users to combine instruments from multiple styles to create a new style. This is the way I would do it.

First I would start by loading one of the four BLANK styles. There are two blank styles for swing and two for even feel. Likewise there are two that have 3/4 time and two that are 4/4 so select the one appropriate to your song.

Blank styles have no instruments. Right click on a track and you have options to select any instrument you want.

Choose the "Select Custom MIDI Style For This Track" and you can import any midi pattern from any style.