Tag Ending Won't Turn Off

Posted by: Art7890

Tag Ending Won't Turn Off - 08/05/21 06:03 AM

I recently composed a new song. Initially, I tried to use a tag ending for it but ran into some difficulty so tried to delete it. I went into the Song Settings menu, and unchecked the 'Tag Exists?' button and then checked the 'Generate 2-Bar Ending' box (to go back to the previously used ending).

Now, no matter what I do, during the last chorus, the song jumps from the measure where the Tag originally initiated, to the end (cutting out the last several bars of the song).

Have no idea what is going on. I've triple-checked all of the song setting boxes, made sure none of the tracks were frozen, and even tried saving the song under another name. Opened and closed the program several times. Nothing works. I updated the software with the latest patch and the problem still exists.

What am i missing? Any ideas?

Posted by: Chantelle - PG Music

Re: Tag Ending Won't Turn Off - 08/06/21 11:46 AM

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what version of Band-in-a-Box are you using? And what build are you using? You can check your build number by going to Help | About Band-in-a-Box - it is the three digit number in brackets after the versions year.
Posted by: Art7890

Re: Tag Ending Won't Turn Off - 08/06/21 01:52 PM

It is Version 2020 (426)

Posted by: mrgeeze

Re: Tag Ending Won't Turn Off - 08/09/21 10:17 AM

Over the years I've noticed some erratic behavior switching back and forth from BIAB generate endings and tags. Similar behavior I never quite figured out.
It didn't seem to happen all the time but it was annoying.

I do remember one fix that sometimes helped.

This may (or may not) work for you.

Check the tag exists box.
Delete all the measures containing chords AFTER where your ending should be.
Make sure there are no chord changes following where you want the song to end. I'm speaking specifically of what will be the greyed out area after you switch back to a biab ending.

Un-check the Tag Box. Re-check the generate ending box.