sis this possible

Posted by: teapot

sis this possible - 08/31/20 11:56 AM

i have power tracks 11 pro
and i like the harmony efx
can you use that efx in another
DAW like reaper

Posted by: eddie1261

Re: sis this possible - 08/31/20 03:46 PM

Is it a VST? If so you likely can have Reaper scan for it (unless you know where it is) and select it as the effect you want. Look for it in the BIAB/RB files on your hard drive. Perhaps someone either here or at PG an tell you directory they are in. I don't know where they are.

I assume by "harmony efx" you mean the vocal backing tracks?
Posted by: rharv

Re: sis this possible - 09/04/20 04:40 PM

The TCHelicon Harmonizer is a PGMusic exclusive license
Not VST, but DX if I recall
/assuming this is what he means