creating multi-instrument scores [Resolved]

Posted by: Jasterid

creating multi-instrument scores [Resolved] - 12/10/19 03:43 AM

I'm absolutely new to editing notation in BIAB so this might be a stupid Q, but I am unable to find a way to create scores based on a number of instruments. What I mean is a music sheet where e.g. a trumpet, two saxes and a trombone are combined such that the staffs are grouped four by four. The sort of thing that a conductor would use.
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Posted by: MartinB

Re: creating multi-instrument scores - 12/10/19 07:16 AM

The Fakesheet Windows does support such scores. Check out the manual.

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Posted by: Jasterid

Re: creating multi-instrument scores - 12/11/19 06:51 AM

Thanks a lot, Martin, for reaching out.
Thanks to your pointing me in the right direction, I eventually found it under help/"Display multiple tracks in lead sheet window". That works. I will now try to figure out how to set up the style such that BIAB plays back the notation, using the instruments I want. If I fail, I'll get back to this forum. Wish me luck.