No Mac Plugin?

Posted by: Islandsoul

No Mac Plugin? - 02/15/19 11:56 AM

Why is there no Mac version of the BIAB plugin if it made for all DAWs that work on Mac? Seriously, NO MAC VERSION????
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: No Mac Plugin? - 02/15/19 01:57 PM

Have you downloaded the Biab for Mac 2019 yet ?
Posted by: Island Soul

Re: No Mac Plugin? - 02/16/19 01:51 PM

It's not there.
Posted by: Rob Helms

Re: No Mac Plugin? - 02/16/19 08:38 PM

BiaB 2019 for Mac has not been released yet.the plugin is included with the pc release and I imagine will be released for Mac when that 2019 version comes out later this year.
Posted by: nonchai

Re: No Mac Plugin? - 04/10/19 05:02 AM

when PG finally get around to releasing an OSX version of this - where there is some very bog-standard expected behaviour for how an AudioUnit plugin instrument or VST instrument or MAS instrument or drum machine is supposed to behave....
........PG - please code the plugin so it can output audio directly wi real-time into: - on choice - either a STEREO master-mix audio stream - or a MULTI-CHANNEL output for EACH backing instrument and track in BIAB.

Being able to just drag and drop individual BIAB instrument tracks into audio tracks in the DAW is a nice-to-have. but if one has to keep doing drags and drops EVERY TIME one makes any change to the chord progression - or changes style - then this drag-and-drop business
is just a workflow-hampering pain in the neck.

This is the expected behaviour of a plugin. Not the fudge KLUDGE - half-arsed attempt that the Windows version has right now.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: No Mac Plugin? - 05/25/19 05:19 PM

The latest Win version sends and plays back in sync through the BiabVst to the DAW audio/midi without the drag of having to drag every track to preview it in sync to you existing tracks.
Just to be able to preview each of the 7 MulltiRiffs in sync to you existing tracks in the DAW is great !! if you can't find one to fit in that 7 just hit generate and presto another 7.

It will give Mac users RealBand in their DAW of choice.

ReaTrak for Reaper is made to integrate Biab and BiabVst/AU into Reaper DAW,
it will get the chords from the app or the plugin and bring them into Reaper as chord regions. (thanks to Reaper's API's)

You can ask to join the Mac beta testing, Adar the vst programmer is great at listening, responding, implementing fixes, improvements and new features.
A lot of uses who use Biab expect it to be exactly the same with all the million and one functions and complicated learning curve but I think the plugin should be as simple to use as possible. The idea is it is designed for DAW users that do not, can not or will not use Biab so you need to get the mind set out of Band in a Box auto accompaniment application as if it never existed. How many other Plugins can produce world class session musician tracks directly in your DAW ?

It is fair enough if you want the actual Biab app as your VST but then I suggest you get them to add ReWire as this would be ideal.

I really think they should of called it another name and not reference "Band in a Box", PG Session Tracks Pro VST, PG Studio Tracks Pro VST........