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Posted by: ChicagoBob

Logic Plugin - 09/14/19 12:01 PM

I think the logic addition is great. I particularly like the ability of the cursor to stay in sync with song which gives me a good work flow when I am composing and adding parts. i don't have to remember the chords which is particularly helpful when going back to songs.

A couple bugs I am having is that the AU seems to forget where the real tracks and drums are. I also have to rebuild the lists for the drums and RT as well as the styles after i reopen them.

I think i read that the resizing of the app also was something that would be remember but i am having to reset the size every time.
Posted by: Adar - PG Music

Re: Logic Plugin - 09/23/19 07:33 AM

Hi Bob, what do you mean by "forget where the real tracks and drums are? Do you have to enter in the paths for those folders each time you open the plugin? The plugin should remember its size but only for that instance. So if you are using a plugin, and then opening/closing the window of that instance many times, it should remember the size, but if you start a new instance of the plugin then it will be the default size when first opened. I'll see if I can replicate the issue. Thank you for your feedback!
Posted by: robbo

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/01/19 07:14 AM

hello adar,
yes, i must confirm bob p's observations.
the AU plug seems to forget the path to real trks and drums.
have had to rebuild the picker a real lot!!!!
also the AU plug does not recognize stops, holds etc. no red text or dots in the cell.
this is also true of the stand alone. no holds....just a truncated stop note.
also, it takes quite a lot longer for the plug to render than the stand alone.
show stoppers, all of them.
i have lost days of work time because of these bugs.
need fixes and fast.
thank you.
Posted by: Adar - PG Music

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/01/19 07:23 PM

Hi robbo, can either you or Bob please explain exactly what you mean by "forget the path to real tracks and drums"? I don't understand what you mean by this. Are you saying that each time you use the plugin you need to go to File->Preferences, scroll down to the "Folder Locations" section and enter the paths from scratch? Or are you making an assumption that because the style picker needs to rebuild each time, that the plugin is "forgetting paths"? The style picker needing to be rebuilt often is an issue I will look into but it is not related to folder paths in the plugin.

I'm also not sure what you mean by "the AU plugin does not recognize stops, holds etc.". If you enter a chord with a shot, hold, or rest, it works. I have tested this in every type of plugin and can confirm that these types of chords can be entered. However, if you are referring to opening a file that contains shots, holds or rests, then yes this is a bug that we are aware of and working on a solution for.

We are working to improve rendering speeds in the plugin but they are comparable to the 64bit main app that we released this year. Perhaps you are comparing the plugin to an older version of Biab?

When posting a bug/issue on the forum, please try to be as specific as possible with the description of your problem, and the steps you are taking to produce it. That way it can easily be replicated by others and is easy for us to understand when working on a fix. Thank you for the feedback!
Posted by: robbo

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/02/19 09:21 AM

hi adar. screenshots i can send.
say i input some chords, then choose a style, as usual. (standalone version)
if i change any of the instruments and save, then open the plugin in logic, call up the same song, N/A will generally appear on most trks except drums.
and those trks have the original style's titles, not the new one/s i have substituted.
after the render, when i pull the trks in logics arrange window they play the new substitute/s, with the old file name. talk about confusing.
anyway, i'll see if i can send a couple of screen shots.
cheers and thx for replying. j.
Posted by: robbo

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/02/19 09:56 AM

hi again adar.
how do i send screenshots (jpeg)?
also the plugin wants to install an update that is already installed by the main app.(green mssg)
when i attempt to nuke it logic jambs and i have to force quit.
thx. j.
Posted by: robbo

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/02/19 12:30 PM

AU plugin issues.
the lower image shows the correct, ie, substituted real trk/drms.
the upper image shows what i get in the plugin after loading the same song. these were the original real trk/drums generated by the style chosen in the first place. j.
Posted by: robbo

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/02/19 12:52 PM

this plugin is in some sort of loop where it thinks it needs an update but does not.
i've unticked the check for updates box - still does it next time i boot the plug.
the box is again ticked and shows 0 days.j.
Posted by: Adar - PG Music

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/03/19 09:27 AM

Thanks Robbo, that definitely clears things up for me. It sounds like you're dealing with a few issues here. Firstly, the issue you described where the plugin opens songs with the original style tracks (and not substituted tracks) is an issue that we are aware of and has nothing to do with setting folder paths. At this time, the plugin is not capable of loading substituted tracks. When you open a song in the plugin, it takes the name of the style, sends that to bbm4, and bbm4 returns the default tracks for that style. So even if you have substituted those tracks and saved that in a file, it will not be read by the plugin. We are working on correcting this issue though.

Seeing N/A on the tracks in the plugin also has nothing to do with the folder paths. That issue is tied to the fact that you are constantly needing to rebuild the picker. That points to an issue with bbm4 itself not saving the picker list when updating. The same goes for the issue with bbm4 telling you its not activated. In order to activate the plugin, bbm4, and the main app, you have to register it in the main Band-in-a-Box app (Band-in-a-Box.app). If you receive that message, the best thing to do is:
1. Close the plugin
2. Open the Band-in-a-Box app
3. Activate Band-in-a-Box
4. Open the plugin and should not show that message (you can also close Band-in-a-Box)

If you follow those steps and you are still seeing that message then there is a bug in bbm4 that you should report here on the forum. Hope this helps!
Posted by: TalentMelodies

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/04/19 07:29 AM

i see the same issue regarding the update message when using the plugin. Followed steps by Adar but looks like this bug behavior is consistent with Logic Pro X, Garageband and Mainstage.
Somehow the BBM4 is unable to recognize the 306 patch applied and goes in an update loop every time the application is started and trying to choose styles.

Regarding N/A on tracks, I saw few of them but reinstalling the related pack and rebuilding fixed it.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/04/19 01:09 PM

Maybe BB4 has the check for updates still enabled in as it's basically the same as the main app.
For now you try and block BB4 from accessing the net
Security or Security & Privacy
Click the Firewall tab
or free app https://www.oneperiodic.com/products/handsoff/
and see if that works.
Posted by: robbo

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/05/19 11:01 AM

hi thx, thought i was going nuts. yup, some sort of loop. cheers.
Posted by: robbo

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/05/19 11:01 AM

thx pipeline will try. j.
Posted by: JayO

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/05/19 12:03 PM

The "update available" message seems to have been fixed with the latest build !

- Jay
Posted by: ChicagoBob

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/06/19 05:04 AM

I am still having the problem where every time I start a project in Logic and load the BIAB Plug-in I get the green message box that says there are no RealDrums and then if I load a style I get N/A in the real track name.

As a result, I have to rebuild the path to my externally stored RealDrums and RealTracks everytime.

It also appears that I can't relocate the SavedTracks folder to an external drive.
Posted by: robbo

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/06/19 05:51 AM

yup, same here. that nag mssg has gone tho.
real drums need to be rebuilt before the style picker, as it doesn't work here for me, any other way j.
Posted by: Beachkeys

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/15/19 11:52 AM

Same problem here. The path is "incorrect" for the Ultra PAK. I have to type "Volumes" before it.
It actually worked fine UNTIL the 308 update, it hasn't worked correctly since.

I sent a support ticket in on 10/10/19 no answer yet...
Posted by: Adar - PG Music

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/18/19 08:22 AM

Hi, could one of you please explain in more detail what the issue you're having is? I'm not exactly sure I understand, is the issue that the plugin is not saving the paths you set in the Preferences dialog? Or is the issue that the picker always needs to be rebuilt? If it is the first, then it may be that you have to enter your path the first time you use the plugin (if you have custom folder paths for BB). After setting them the first time, they should save which you can test by closing the plugin, opening it back up, and seeing that the modified paths are still correct. Thank you both for the feedback!
Posted by: Beachkeys

Re: Logic Plugin - 10/18/19 06:36 PM

Hi Adar.

The problem, before the 309 update, is the path would be incomplete for the PAK that I have (Ultra PAK) I would have to type in /Volumes/Band-in-a-Box UltraPAK/
the only "path" that would be listed would be /Applications/Band-in-a-Box/

And it would not remain after saving. If I saved the Logic project, Closed Logic, Ejected the BIAB Disk, the next time I started the project I would have to re-enter the paths.

I never had a problem with Band In A box in it's "standalone" version, the paths worked fine, I also never had the problem until the 308 update.

Now since i've installed the 309 update it seems to be fine.
Or at least it hasn't happened...
Posted by: ChicagoBob

Re: Logic Plugin - 11/09/19 04:07 AM

I am still having the problem where every time i open the plugin i have to rebuild the RealTracks -- even though the path is correct in the preferences this is the screen i get an empty list of RealTracks. My library is on an external drive if that helps. The problem doesn't exit on the desktop version only the plug-in
Posted by: ChicagoBob

Re: Logic Plugin - 01/20/20 06:30 PM

still having the problem that the real track paths isnt recognized in Logic with the plugin but is with BIAB desktop. It is frustrating to have to rebuild the libraries every time? Is there a fix coming for this?
Posted by: Andrew - PG Music

Re: Logic Plugin - 01/21/20 03:06 PM

I can duplicate a problem where the path is saved properly, but I need to click rebuild in the RealTracks Picker if I'm using a custom folder, when I open a new instance of the plugin. Is this what you find?
Posted by: Adar - PG Music

Re: Logic Plugin - 02/02/20 06:00 PM

Hi Bob, I can confirm the issues you described with having to rebuild the pickers each time you use them as well as the issue with relocating the SavedTracks folder. I will make sure to have these fixed for the next release so keep an eye out for them in the release notes and let us know if you are still having issues. Thank you for all the great feedback!
Posted by: ChicagoBob

Re: Logic Plugin - 02/24/20 07:23 PM

thanks for finding and confirming the issues that I found
Posted by: ChicagoBob

Re: Logic Plugin - 03/31/20 06:36 PM

Unfortunately this bug was not fixed in the 2020 version. Realtracks still do not show up in the plugin. You still have to rebuilt the Realtracks to get this to work.
Posted by: ChicagoBob

Re: Logic Plugin - 07/09/20 04:26 PM

this problem is still not fixed in the lastest July update. i still need to run the regenerate Realtrack and Drums before the plug-in finds the patches. After that it all works so my settings are correct but it still isn't finding the external drive path on default, The desktop version works perfectly/