Daw font

Posted by: MajicSpell

Daw font - 12/11/20 11:15 AM

I was just told that i'm stuck with comic sans as a chordsheet font in my 2021 daw plug. Any suggestions? I HATE that font LOL
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Daw font - 12/11/20 05:32 PM

As far as I'm aware, the font used in the Plugin is not user selective.

You can request PG Music consider adding that feature and give other forum members the opportunity to discuss the idea and add their support in the Band-in-a-Box Wishlist forum section +++ HERE +++. There is no specific section set up for plugin suggestions at present.

I suggest you emphasize your suggestion is for the plugin, not the main Band-in-a-Box program, to avoid the potential for confusion.
Posted by: MajicSpell

Re: Daw font - 12/13/20 03:46 PM

Thankx cool