Can you bring back the old programs?

Posted by: radab

Can you bring back the old programs? - 03/01/11 06:34 AM

In the past ive owned The Jazz Pianist, the Jazz Soloist, and the (classical) pIanist programs. All were absolutely fantastic. Why on earth did PG Music discontinue them? I can maybe understand why with the classical pieces if it had to do with copyright, but the jazz soloist were just solos over changes, and the changes to a song cant be copyrighted. The comping and basslines in this prgram were an amazing learning tool

These programs were absolutely fantastic, can you guys bring them back please, in a format for Windows 7?

(same goes for teh irish/celtic pianist and all the other fantastic programs that have been discontinued)
Posted by: raymb1

Re: Can you bring back the old programs? - 03/04/11 06:24 PM

+100 Would love to have Jazz Pianist again. Later, Ray