Chord Charting Software

Posted by: RickeG

Chord Charting Software - 09/21/13 10:51 PM

I don't know how much traction I will get with this idea as the numbers are smaller on this portion of the forum.

But, I came up with an idea I think would be a neat addition to the family of products offered on PG Music. I needed to draw chord charts for some band members. I am looking for something where you do not need to enter notes or lyrics like a Sibelius or Finale would require; just something that I could type in chords and the slash marks for the beats they use within the measure. It would be much like Nashville style writing; only using chord letters instead of numbers.

I would think it would be a simple program to design. A simple music staff page where you can insert the Key & Time Signatures then proceed entering chords and their timing marks inside the measure.

I could not find anything out on the web that does that. I called Sweetwater thinking they would have some information. But, they were not aware of any such product existing out there.
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Chord Charting Software - 09/22/13 11:29 AM

You can sort of make a chord chart like you're talking about with Band In A Box.

The BIAB version doesn't have staff lines using chord names instead. If you desire the BIAB version will also print guitar chords over the chord names.