Pianist Performance Series

Posted by: vikingz2000

Pianist Performance Series - 06/17/14 07:07 PM

Am I the only Mac user who misses the 'Pianist Performance Series'?

Oh, how I wish I could have this program running on my Mac laptop OS 10.9.3.

Back in the day of OS 9 and OS 10 classic mode this program was entertaining, educational and very 'back-ground' soothing while I was doing other things.

Please, PG Music, bring it back for us Mac users.

Is there any chance of this happening? I would really welcome a response from the PTB (powers that be) on this matter.

Just give me some hope, at least.
Posted by: mhebert

Re: Pianist Performance Series - 10/16/19 06:15 PM

I have been waiting for these updates for a LONG time, as well! All PG products should be revamped and updated to function on latest operating systems. They were great in their original day, and they can be even better now. It's hard to believe that the developers would want to leave a treasure trove of amazing tools left in the dust. PG, if you're reading this stuff (and I'm sure you do), we would love to hear something about this topic. Any chance these gems will ever be updated???
Posted by: MartinB

Re: Pianist Performance Series - 11/28/19 12:53 AM

Posted by: Pete Cranwell

Re: Pianist Performance Series - 09/23/20 04:39 AM

I got my Pianist series to run under Win10.
First install Virual Box (Virtual machine by Oracle - free). Then install Win XP (Available from Microsoft - free) and then the Pianist Series from Diskettes OR , as I have done, from files copies from the original diskettes.

Pianist 1,2,3 Jazz, Christmas, Jazz, New Orleans, Ragime, New Age.

I particularly want to listen to Valerie Tryon on Pianist 1,2,3.

I intend to rewrite the application , (Java ??? ) so that I can use directly under Windows.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: Pianist Performance Series - 09/26/20 03:22 AM

I think I got them to work in DOSBox & Win3