Audio interface replacement

Posted by: Bernier

Audio interface replacement - 12/07/17 08:53 AM

I have a Toneport UX1 that I have used as an amp modeler for guitar and it is also my audio input device for PT. It is starting to die and I want to get a replacement.
Pod no longer makes these devices, and the ones they do have now are way more expensive and have way more features than I need. I don't play live - only record.
Any suggestions appreciated!
Posted by: NealXu

Re: Audio interface replacement - 12/21/17 08:49 AM

Hi...i will suggest preamp and converter quality are the items that provide audio quality. Unless you are running more then 24 channels USB 2.0 is still fast enough to do the job. Once the signal is converted to digital its no longer audio. Its merely digital ones and zeroes.Fast communication speed is only needed if you try to run plugins close to real time when tracking, but again, that's mostly the computer speed. If you run a quad core computer, Solid State drives, 64 bit, loads of memory and it has a fast buss speed then using thunderbolt will prevent bottlenecking.
Posted by: Bernier

Re: Audio interface replacement - 12/22/17 04:46 AM

Thanks! Thunderbolts are really expensive! I have very simple needs. My Toneport was under $100.
Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: Audio interface replacement - 12/24/17 06:46 AM

I have just bought a presonus audio box. amazon has them and probably in the US they'll be under $100.
Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: Audio interface replacement - 01/02/18 11:46 AM

Quick update - sent the Presonus back as faulty. But the Behringer UMC 204HD was less expesnive and works brilliantly