Raw Sax Sound

Posted by: Bernier

Raw Sax Sound - 08/21/19 07:14 AM

I have a track that I need a raw alto sax sound. I rendered it in midi with Kontakt, chose raw alto sax, then converted it to audio. I added all the distortion I could with the Distortion setting in Power Tracks, and it is not raw enough.
Any advice?
Posted by: rharv

Re: Raw Sax Sound - 08/21/19 04:52 PM

Maybe a different sample/sound source to begin with (?)
Or asking a sax player to come over and actually play/record it (?)

Not sure what your boundaries are here, or what 'raw sax' means..
Do you have Realtracks at your disposal? Or are you looking for a sample set.
I have lots of saxes available via synths and such but having a live player in front of a mic seems to work best here.
Posted by: Paj

Re: Raw Sax Sound - 08/23/19 11:59 PM

I'd say that if you want to alter the timbre, nothing like a filter-EQ combination to add honk to a horn.