MiniHost Demo 32/64WIN/MAC

Posted by: Pipeline

MiniHost Demo 32/64WIN/MAC - 11/06/18 06:06 PM

This is a example of MiniHost in the main vst window but the vst/i/s run outside and you can chain midi vsts in MiniHost that you can't in BB RB:

Dragging the flow arrows up/down will adjust the volume.

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MiniHost 32/64bit

Posted by: DeaconBlues09

Re: MiniHost Demo 32/64WIN/MAC - 11/14/18 12:46 AM

Hey Pipeline,

As I noted in another post, while this installed and loaded like a dream, by the time I added the second plugin into the signal path (audio-to-audio) the program full-on crashed. And I mean crashed as in went blank and shut down BiaB-icon-gone-from-taskbar crashed, not just some error message.

Have you used this app successfully yourself within the BiaB environment?

Thanks again!
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: MiniHost Demo 32/64WIN/MAC - 11/14/18 02:04 AM

Crash Crash 48 Crash ! It's a shame they can't bring BB RB into the modern age 64 bit crossplatform programing so they are released at the same time, same features.
I gave up on RealBand because of the relentless crashing and try to get the tracks out of BB and straight into REAPER where you can load the 64 bit DAW up with pjugins.
They were going to have ReWire in BB but that didn't eventuate.
The ReWire plugin don't work right in BB only RB.

Try using ReaStream set the identifier the same for the corresponding REAPER track, put a gain control after the ReaStream vst in BB so BB makes no sound only REAPER , then chain up the FX in REAPER:

EDIT: if you need to run multiple ASIO