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Posted by: indigomirage

Click Tracks... - 09/15/20 12:08 PM

Hi there -

Have been working trying to add BIAB backing tracks to an existing recording using the BIAB plugin. The existing audio didn't use a click track, but in my DAW (Reaper), I was able to tempo map it without affecting the recording. However, the BIAB plugin had several issues - not respecting the tempo (largely due to the decimal bpm changes in the track - even when I 'sync' the DAW), and very inconsistent behaviour generating audio (loops didn't work at all).

Be that as it may, I figured that if I had a click track (I first tried with a rim shot in a loop, but BIAB VST doesn't seem to work with this...), I could stretch the BIAB audio to the original. BIAB doesn't have any click tracks that I could usefully find (there's a midi metronome style, I think, but stretching from midi seemed tricky in my use case...).

So... I created a set of RealDrums click tracks of various styles. They click ABAB, BABA, _A__, A___, A___x___A___x___, etc. In the VST, just add them as an extra drum track, and you'll get a clean click to export with the BIAB audio. In the DAW, group the tracks, create a dynamic split, and the snap the BIAB tracks to the grid en masse. (You can do it in Reaper, but I imagine that most DAWs can do it one way or another.

Why so many variations of click track? Well, if you do it every measure, and if the original (tempo mapped) audio slips a lot, things may map to the wrong measure mid song. Wider stretches (4 bars, etc...), and a lowered resolution tempo grid in the DAW reduce the chances of this from happening.

Bottom line, it's a workaround, but it's workable. It'd be better, of course, if tempo syncing worked with finer granularity, or if loops worked in the VST, but I can live with this for the moment.

Since I could not find any samples of the Click Tracks anywhere online, I made some...:

ClickTrack^ RealDrums

No warranty, etc., but I thought at least a few you good folks might find it handy.

Posted by: rharv

Re: Click Tracks... - 09/15/20 03:21 PM

I created a MIDI click track about 10 years ago.
Should be sidestick on most drum patches, if not adjust the note number.

It can be used two ways
As MIDI and follows existing MIDI clock
Convert to Audio and adjust with the ACW or other tempo adjusting tools.

indigomirage, you may want to try the Audio Chord Wizard feature; it not only tries to find the chords, it also allows adjusting the Tempo map to an audio track(s). And you can manually adjust it by tapping a key on the '1' of each measure if needed. Then it exports the newly adjusted tempo map.

MIDI click track (100 bars that follow whatever MIDI map you have)

ACW comes with your BiaB package and is available in both BB and RB.
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Click Tracks... - 09/15/20 06:32 PM

rharv forgot to mention it but the audio chord wizard (ACW) in RealBand has greater resolution than the ACW in Band-in-a-Box.

The ACW in RealBand extends to three digits past the decimal, for example 119.002 BPM.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: Click Tracks... - 09/20/20 01:05 AM

YES, Biab Plugin needs decimal tempo maps !!
I made up some scripts to do all that in Reaper to fit a constant tempo audio item to the tempo map in Reaper,
but they have now built it into Reaper after some nagging.
You can go into the item properties and set the bpm of the media if it don't get it from the filename or ACID info (you can add ACID in the Biab Plugin Preferences).
Posted by: Matt Finley

Re: Click Tracks... - 09/20/20 06:38 AM

I've had a similar problem taking a BIAB track into the studio. BIAB said it was 120 bpm but the studio calculated it to be several hundredths less than than. More precision is indeed needed.