VST for Piano

Posted by: 2bSolo

VST for Piano - 03/03/19 08:19 PM

I have a midi piano track that I am working with. I brought it from the BB Stylepicker into RB. I need it to have little or no reverb.

It came in using Microsoft Wavetable Synth. I wanted to hear what it sounded like with Coyote. It's good but it has too much reverb. How do I get it back to Microsoft Wavetable or get rid of the reverb on Coyote?

Also, has anyone used Keyzone Classic? I downloaded it and got it to work. The sound is great but there is too much reverb on it. I have turned the knob marked reverb all the way down and it is still there. Anyone have experience with this VST? Can I e-mail the developer?


Posted by: Mike Head

Re: VST for Piano - 03/04/19 05:45 AM


Try this just pulldown the piano track to reveal the edit settings,
And change reverb value with mouse 0-127
Posted by: 2bSolo

Re: VST for Piano - 03/04/19 06:26 AM

Thanks, Mike.

Posted by: silvertones

Re: VST for Piano - 03/04/19 08:42 AM

I have two Sonivox pianos that are awesome. 88Keys and FM piano,akaDX7.Not free but cheap.
Posted by: MarioD

Re: VST for Piano - 03/04/19 02:04 PM

2b, here are some free piano VSTis that you may be interested in checking out. I have a few of them myself, including the Keyzone Classic. I do not have a reverb problem with any of them.

NOTE: Always be on guard when DLing free software. I always run a virus and malware check prior to installing any free software. The ones that I have DLed from these sources were bug free but I would check anyway to verify that that is still the case.


Posted by: rharv

Re: VST for Piano - 03/04/19 04:40 PM

Inside Forte there are further Reverb settings. Just FYI

Image 1 - right click on Forte, select reverb
Image 2 Interesting Forte reverb settings

It's not just how much reverb is sent, but also which reverb is being used that may contribute to the end result.
Posted by: 2bSolo

Re: VST for Piano - 03/05/19 07:36 AM

Thanks to all. I need to find a way around this. Now when I copy a measure to another measure, the reverb turns into huge hall reverb. So this will help.