amplitube presets again!

Posted by: Bob Calver

amplitube presets again! - 03/29/19 02:16 PM

is there an installer I have missed somewhere? I have BIAB 2019 latest version and RB latest build but although I now have amplitube 3 and it is activated thanks to a PG Music produce key I have none of the presets.

suggests I can download them but it also talks of demos and styles and I don't want to overwrite any newer style or demo files as the site refers to BIAB 2012.

if there is a installer buried somewhere i can run that, but at the moment i'm a bit confused
Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/30/19 05:45 AM

i've found the presets (at least I think that's what the .tgs files are) in bb/dx settings/amplitube

they all seem to be there but i can't access them for use in RB when I use the amplitube 3 plugin.

with other effects from PG I just 'load preset' and get a choice.

i had to add amplitube as a vst so why are presets in dx settings?

i want to use my own guitar tracks with amplitube but the presets would help

am i right in thinking that vst presets don't have the .tgs file type? should i have installed a dxi version of amplitube if there is such a thing?

i'm getting no replies from PG Music support which is unusual
Posted by: silvertones

Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/30/19 06:37 AM

Once you load ampltube,yes it's a VSTi/Dxi you open the amplitude interface and load presets there
Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/30/19 08:45 AM

can you be a little more specific about opening the interface please?

i can get the amplitube plugin working but not sure what you mean by 'the interface'

i've been trying to load the presets by the usual way of laofing a preset with PG dx effects
Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/30/19 09:25 AM

the hyperlink in my original post won't work - its designed for another version of BIAB. but, found the amplitube 3 installer in the bb directory and ran it just to make sure. no difference in RB. still no presets.

tried the amplitube demos in BIAB and they all load the required preset for the track but again the browser button says 'can't open the presets database' or similar. so i've got a fully functional amplitube 3 but can't point it to the right place to find the presets in either BIAB or RB.
Posted by: silvertones

Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/30/19 01:58 PM

I just read that amplitube is now only VSTi and 64 bit.
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Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/30/19 02:06 PM

In the DXi list at the bottom is "add VST" add Amplitube. Put it on one of your tracks Then rt click on the track. Choose "open specific... for track. The amplitube interface will open. There are drop downs for choosing the presets.
Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/31/19 06:09 AM

i have amplitube 4 and that works fine so I know how presets should work but almost all of the presets in version 4 need me to buy bits i haven't got so i'd like to use amplitube 3 with PG music presets. (I got version 4 direct from IK)

when i press the browser button in amplitube 3 it says 'cannot open the presets database'. i know amplitube 3 is working ok because when i load an amplitube demo song in BIAB the plugin shows and the preset in the interface is correct. but even then when i press browse i get the same error. so somehow PG Musdic have put the presets into amplitube but I can't.

i found what I thought were the presets in bb/dxsettings/amplitube but they are tgs files and then i found the presets with the file extension at3p (the correct file extension) in users/bob/documents/ikmultimedia/amplitube3/presets/band in a box/all. i now
understand the tgs files aren't presets for amplitube.

so how do i get amplitube 3 to load the proper presets? I know they are installled on my pc.

the browser button in amplitube 3 still says cannot open the database.
is the amplitube browser looking in the wrong place and can I redirect it? or should i move the at3p files to where the amplitube plugin is looking for presets?

just to make sure i ran the amplitube installer in the bb main folder but still no luck.
Posted by: silvertones

Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/31/19 10:47 AM

All the presets should show up in 4. Even the pgm ones.
I had SVX and Amplitube before pg offered it.Like you I. bought it.
I think if you manually put the pg presets in the 4 preset folder you'll be able to use 4.
Posted by: silvertones

Re: amplitube presets again! - 03/31/19 12:17 PM

Hi, the AmpliTube 4 presets are located here on Windows 10 systems:

Windows: C:\Users\*USER*\Documents\IK Multimedia\AmpliTube 4\Presets
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Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: amplitube presets again! - 04/01/19 02:48 AM

thanks silvertones. unless i hear from PG support what I shall do is visit the amplitube 4 presets and move them to a spare directory so I don't lose them. there are so many that looking for the pg msusic ones would be difficult and as I say most of the version 4 presets need kit i haven't bought.

then i'll move the amplitube 3 presets but i think i read in a previous post somewhere that at3p needs to be edited to at4p which is a drag but i'll try it first with just one or two examples and see if they work. amplitube 4 is 64 bit and i think version 3 is 32 bit so we'll see if there's a problem

i'm a little disappointed with pg support as they normally offer a super service but i've written again to see if there is an 'official' solution as opposed to a work around
Posted by: silvertones

Re: amplitube presets again! - 04/01/19 08:54 AM

A few years back they latched onto the free amplitube and incorporated it into biab with mods.I use the real ones from IK
Posted by: silvertones

Re: amplitube presets again! - 04/01/19 03:06 PM

So this thread inspired me to load up all mmy IKM stuff on my new computer.
I have a number of licenses I've paid for or are free.
Amplitube4 is 64bit only and replaces all of there other products. Now all of the products I own are avaiable in one program ,Amplitube 4. The Amplitube that comes/came with BIAB is the older 32 bit version I believe.That is why you can't see the 32 bit BIAB presets in 4. Can't use 4 in RB either. Crap!!!!!!!!Have to use the 32 bit BIAB version.
Posted by: silvertones

Re: amplitube presets again! - 04/02/19 12:57 PM

So as I see it PG no longer provides Amplitube because it's changed to Amplitube 4 and is only 64 bit so they do "Direct Input Tracks" they have made using some version of Amplitube. So all my presets plus all the stuff I don't have are avaiable in V 4 but again 64bit. Need J Bridge.
Posted by: silvertones

Re: amplitube presets again! - 04/02/19 01:01 PM

Use your version 4 like I am. In 4 use "import legacy Presets". They are at C/documents/IKMultimedia. You'll see amplitube 4 and 3. This is where you delete the presets in 4 you don't have.This will be the path to the presets when you run the " import legacy.."
Get JBridge. You'll have it.
Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: amplitube presets again! - 04/17/19 02:07 AM

PG Music support eventually came through - they must be busier than usual. (as indicated by another BIAB update and huge RealTracks update on the BIAB forum)

the presets listed as tgs files can be loaded by 'load group' not load preset.

they also directed me to an amplitube installer that solved the browser problems

the usual excellent support from PG Music even if it was a little longer coming than usual.
Posted by: rharv

Re: amplitube presets again! - 04/17/19 03:49 PM

Yeah, I think TGS is Trans Group Settings (note 'Group').
I've mentioned a few times on the forum, in some cases using Save Group and Load Group can support features the save/load preset option doesn't. Including individual effect settings in some weird instances .. no idea why, just something I've logged in my head from experience.