do RealTracks have their fx already mixed in?

Posted by: Bob Calver

do RealTracks have their fx already mixed in? - 05/10/19 02:51 AM

I'm confused a little by the thread below 'Imports from BB to RB' where the OP said his reverb settings weren't carried over from BB to RB. I've always though that RealTracks were actually wma files and that fx like reverb had already been added at the recording stage and that only in some cases like guitar tracks were unprocessed DI alternatives available.

Certainly all the RealTracks I've used in BB carry over ok as they are to RB with no need to add extra reverb etc.

All I can think of is that the OP wanted extra fx - in his case extra reverb - on top of the recording.

Certainly I tried - as a test - adding plugins in BIAB to RTs and they don't carry over to RB but as I do all my mixing in RB anyway I wouldn't do that anyway.

Am i right that that RTs have fx added at recording?

And unless other people have a better idea it seems to me that BB is for roughing out a song and that RB is the best place for polishing and mixing. But then again I was bought up on PowerTracks and my first BB and PT came on floppy discs so I may be oldfashioned.
Posted by: rharv

Re: do RealTracks have their fx already mixed in? - 05/10/19 04:06 PM

Sounds like you've been using BiaB for a while.
I have been around since the floppy days also, but I don't stay in BiaB long enough to worry about FX .. when I use it I just use it to quickly find a style I want for a song.
Then, like you it's off to RB to get the real work done ...

However I *think* there is a way to add reverb to the overall mix (whole song) in BiaB, and maybe this aspect is what he is missing. I think I remember this being an option from reading release notes and during beta testing a while back.
Like I said, I don't use it enough to know where to find this setting in BiaB at this point, but I think it does exist and could be a possible cause for the difference.
I see some users explained it -

As far as FX on RT's, I'm pretty sure there are FX inside the source tracks on at least some of them, depending on the style.
I'm pretty sure there is a reverb on Piano Acoustic Rythm AlbertiMoody for example.
Never found it to be an issue, but pretty sure at least minimal FX are used to make the tracks fit together and sound as intended.
It may be done before the track ever gets to the PGMusic wizards (from the original recording artist/location) or it may be added to make the styles work.
I dunno, that's for PGMusic to clarify.
Posted by: Mike Head

Re: do RealTracks have their fx already mixed in? - 05/11/19 05:19 AM

Hi all

For what it is worth this is how I see it.
Realtracks are Audio recordings and as such you get what was recorded and mixed in at the recording stage FX and all, if any.
There are I understand some special DJ versions that are DRY, so if you want to process these with FX you will have to do it on the track that they finish up on say in RB or similar. From here of course you can route down to a master track along with any other tracks. be they wet or dry, that you may require for the final recording from the master, (mono or stereo). At this point you can also add FX to the whole mix on the master track prior to recording.
Just my thoughts
Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: do RealTracks have their fx already mixed in? - 05/11/19 09:58 AM

thanks Mike and rharv - as I thought with RealTracks as audio recordings, what you hear is what you get