Realband 2014 problem

Posted by: Aretana

Realband 2014 problem - 05/18/19 06:55 AM


do i can only play the style that i have save in BIAB 2014 (SGU) in realband.
there are more styles in the list, but when I choose them, it says "BBoutput mistakecode = 15" or code = 5.
where is the mistake? I have installed all new and set the right paths to the orders, where Biab is installed.
It plays only the style that is save in the SGU that I have opened. It can't find the other styles.

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Posted by: rharv

Re: Realband 2014 problem - 05/18/19 07:41 AM

First thing I would try is 'Track - Make all BB tracks regular tracks'.
I don't remember 2014 having this issue, but if you make all BiaB tracks regular tracks, and then Save As a SEQ file, it should behave normally after that (I would think).

Maybe back in 2014 RB honored the SGU file format style unless this change was made, though I don't remember it being like that.
Like I said, just a guess but that's what I'd try.
The caveat is that RB will then only generate the track/section that is selected, which is what I prefer anyway in RB.