No file attachment function

Posted by: jbspear

No file attachment function - 05/28/19 11:16 AM

As of May 28 2:10 pm EDT, the file attachment function for posting to this forum is not working. I'm using a URL to share the attached screenshot which shows the lack of a file attachment box. FYI I am using a Chrome browser but found the same problem using Firefox, Explorer, and Safari on my iphone. I sent an email to the PG sales office but no reply yet. Anyone else having this problem?

Posted by: rharv

Re: No file attachment function - 05/28/19 04:45 PM

I think you need X number of posts to your credit before it works for you.
I may be wrong but I seem to recall members with 'Newbie' status can't post attachments directly yet.
More of an Off Topic/ non-RB post though, just sayin; it might get more attention and explanation in the other Topics.

/there are also file size considerations. Too big a file won't post as an image .. I've ran into that before also. Not just file size as in under 2 meg, but also actual image size being over say 1200px.