RealBand 2020 Build 3 Update (Feb 28)

Posted by: Andrew - PG Music

RealBand 2020 Build 3 Update (Feb 28) - 02/28/20 11:51 AM

A Build 3 Update is available for RealBand Version 2020

Download the build 3 update

Summary of Changes in Build 2 (Feb 28)

  • Fixed: Range check if changing order in jukebox after first launching it.
  • Fixed: Some .xml files would not load.
  • Fixed: If a Music XML file contained transposed tracks, the notes would sound incorrect when loaded into RB.
  • Fixed: If editing a track name in the Tracks Window, the left/right arrows would still affect time location of the song.
  • Fixed: Right-click Paste in the Chords Window did not work.
  • Fixed: Language string issues.

Summary of Changes in build 2 (Jan 20)

  • Fixed: Voices Above Spin Edit didn't allow a value of zero, except, when the Harmony Voices was set to 1.
  • Fixed: When Harmony Voices was set to 1, the Voices Above Spin Edit could be set to any value, rather than between 0 and 1
  • Fixed: Menu item in the Edit - Tracks for generating the new audio harmonies with elastique wasn't visible to the end user.
  • Added: Localization support.
  • Fixed: Jukebox would crash the program if trying to rearrange the order of songs.
  • Fixed: Transcribing harmonies to multiple MIDI tracks wasn't working.