RB suddenly plays back 'faster'

Posted by: Tano Music

RB suddenly plays back 'faster' - 07/08/20 06:27 AM

Anyone seen this? I'm working on a SEQ file in RB, everything working OK, playback sounds fine. Then, for some strange reason, playback plays "faster"? I get a slight "chipmunk" characteristic. The tempo (on the screen) hasn't changed, but all tracks play back at a slightly (but noticeable) speed. If I close down and re-start RB, it goes back to normal, but randomly ramps up the speed. Any ideas on what might cause this? Thx.
Posted by: Andrew - PG Music

Re: RB suddenly plays back 'faster' - 07/08/20 12:33 PM

This is most likely a sample rate problem. It sounds like something on your system is defaulting to 48K, when it should actually be 44.1K.

Start by looking at your audio driver settings in RealBand - what drivers are selected? Next, check the control panel for your audio device. Do you have a dedicated audio interface?
Posted by: sslechta

Re: RB suddenly plays back 'faster' - 07/08/20 12:40 PM

Yeah, look at the "Yellow message - sample rate differs etc." post below this one in the Realband forum. Andrew pasted some nice screenshots of the sample rate part.