RealBand® Turns 12!

Posted by: Callie - PG Music

RealBand® Turns 12! - 07/09/20 01:24 PM

RealBand® for Windows® is your all-in-one audio workstation and accompaniment program, and if you've purchased a copy of Band-in-a-Box® for Windows in the last decade, it's been included in your purchase!

We released RealBand in July 2008, along with Band-in-a-Box® 2008.5.

"RealBand brings a new level of ease and flexibility to anyone creating recordings. Record your own tracks, type in the chords, pick a style, and then add any MIDI or audio (Real) tracks to follow your chords - all in a single program. For example, type in chords to your song, generate a RealDrums track, record in your guitar and vocal parts. Then put on your 'arranger' hat and have some fun automatically adding RealTracks - maybe a guitar solo, or pedal steel background for the bridge."

We hope everyone enjoys using RealBand, which combines some great features from our PowerTracks Pro Audio program with the powerful accompaniment features from Band-in-a-Box®!
Posted by: TheMaartian

Re: RealBand® Turns 12! - 07/09/20 03:27 PM

What, if any, plans are there to release a 64-bit version of RB that can use 64-bit VSTs directly (with no bridge)?
Posted by: rharv

Re: RealBand® Turns 12! - 07/09/20 03:41 PM

Let's assume this happens (64 bit RB!)
Then what do you do for 32 bit plugins? Would it be OK to need a bridge for those?
I want both!

/Thanks Callie for reminding me how old I am
//and yes, I do enjoy using Realband very much
///For me in recent years, BiaB comes as an add on with with RB, not the other way around <grin>