Looking to Hire a RealBand / BIAB to "Finish" Projects for Me

Posted by: Josh G

Looking to Hire a RealBand / BIAB to "Finish" Projects for Me - 09/19/20 03:30 PM

Hello everyone. Hope all is well out there.

Like many of you, I am a songwriter and music creator. However, for every one project I finish, there are 10 that are stubs... ideas developed to different levels of completion.

I am looking to pay someone who will take a "sketch" of a song, or an acoustic guitar / scratch vocal track, chart it in in BIAB, then produce it in RealBand. They would then send me the RB/BIAB files and/or the audio tracks, so I could do further tracking/mixing/mastering.

I would like someone who is experienced with more than the typical intro / ending, but someone who really understands music composition and using rests and pushes, especially for making complex intros and endings.

This would be on an ongoing basis, as I have many songs that I want to develop into complete productions.

I am a guitarist, so, normally I won't need much time spent on the guitar work... but I want a killer rhythm section at the very least (that will depend on the given song though).

Anyone interested? let me know, please

enjoy your weekend