Live use Real Band

Posted by: Funkifized

Live use Real Band - 10/18/20 04:51 AM

I just want to create fairly minimal instrumentation backing tracks to play guitar over and sing over(two vocalists, maybe some sax). This would be for a low key duo/trio situation. What's the best way to utilize Real Band for this? I'm thinking mixing tunes down to a looper pedal.
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Re: Live use Real Band - 10/18/20 06:06 AM

1. Create your song in Real Band using drums, bass, and whatever other instruments you want.

2. Click on 'Render' in the toolbar
Select 'Merge Audio and VSTi/DXi tracks to stereo wave file'

Now you have your song as a .wav file. I convert the .wav to .mp3 and load it on my tablet or phone to use as backing tracks when I perform.

Is this what you wanted to know?
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Re: Live use Real Band - 10/18/20 08:08 AM

Del's approach is a great way to get started. It will at least give you some tracks for the gigs

I used my Ipad or Iphone to play tracks for performance. Either cable direct from the device or use bluetooth.
I use a piece if IOS code called Anytune Pro to manage songs and setlists for performance.

One tool I have found very helpful in producing a consistent non-clipping output levels for my backing tracks is a piece of code called MP3 Gain. This keeps you from having one track too loud and the other too low in volume. It also identifies clipping when your mix is too hot. Fix clipping in the mix not at mp3gain.
A LUFS meter and Limiter is important. I personally like to EQ each track in my DAW. I use automation to accent different accompaniment parts to make the track more interesting.

None of it is hard. Truth be told I learned a great deal here on the BIAB forums. There are some folks with skills here.

If you want to sound good out in public, you need good quality tracks.
It is work.
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Re: Live use Real Band - 10/18/20 08:37 AM

I like having the SEQ files myself.
Then you can have a mix and send a click/drums, synth/guitar patch changes as well .. even lights can use the MIDI data.
Having both MIDI and Audio available is nice.

That said, test the system you'll rely on many times before an actual show <grin>

If you don't need MIDI at all, an MP3 list can work, but will be a little less powerful.

Maybe Silvertones will chime in .. he plays solo shows pretty regularly using the Jukebox feature if I recall correctly .. you may want to look at that too

/personally, I have created SEQ files in RB, but used PT in live performance as it is lighter in resources (doesn't auto-load accompaniment features when opening files etc), and PT can open/use RB generated SEQ files
//we've also recorded multitrack performances live this way; playing a SEQ file in PT while recording our performance .. not recommended for the faint of heart or ill prepared
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Re: Live use Real Band - 10/20/20 07:45 AM

I have always used the Jukebox function and use the SEQ files. I will put the SEQ files in a separate directory for each set. One other trick I do is to have a blank four bar SEQ file that I put as the first song in the Jukebox list. The reason to do this is so that when I start the Jukebox it plays the blank song first, loads the next song and then waits until the spacebar is pressed. This way you don't have to try to hit the space wherever the computer is located and then get to position where you are performing. I did hack the circuit board from an old PC keyboard and wired it into an old guitar pedal. I use a USB extension so that I can just use the guitar pedal to get the Jukebox to start the next song when I am ready. The other advantage with using the SEQ files is that if I have friends that play different instruments I can just mute their track, otherwise it will just be the lead guitar track that is muted when I perform alone.

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Re: Live use Real Band - 10/20/20 04:25 PM

Another 'Frankenstein' approach is to find an old keyboard and throw it on the floor.
Then your foot can simply tap the Space Bar key to start/stop RB Jukebox (as opposed to how Darren overcame it). Rip the other keys out of said keyboard to make it even easier for your foot, if needed.

/thinkin' outside the box
//I admit, it's an ugly foot pedal, but has worked
///or so I've heard .. of course I would never try such a thing <wink>
////Again, I'd create the SEQ files in RB and use PT for live performance, if it were me, for various reasons
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Re: Live use Real Band - 10/20/20 05:52 PM


After you create your tracks you all might like this for live backing tracks:

Cymatic Audio LP-16 Live Player Multi-track Performance Playback System.

Leave your laptop at home. The standalone Cymatic Audio LP-16 plays 16 mono WAV files in perfect sync from a USB drive. Sixteen discrete outputs send multitrack rhythm tracks and vocal harmonies to front of house, click tracks and cues to performers onstage, and even MIDI triggers to samplers and lighting rigs. This makes the LP-16 an excellent option for solo performers who want to bring their backing tracks on the road, and for large ensembles, EDM performers, and places of worship with complex playback needs. The Cymatic Audio LP-16 pulls double duty as a 2-in/18-out USB audio interface for your home computer or iPad in and out of performance season.

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Re: Live use Real Band - 10/21/20 10:45 AM

I know Our own Mr. “Notes” Norton, has been playing live for years with a laptop. He keeps a second old standby Lapps ready in case of failure. I personally played with RB as others have said and it worked great for the most part. I did over a three year stretch have about 3 or 4 files become corrupted. So I suggest making sure all you song files are saved in a second location. I like the laptop approach cause as Bob said you can fire other midi instruments. I had mine setup to control my TC Helicon voice works unit for backing vocals and some special effects and vocal processing. The .SEQ files allow chord and lyric scrolling.

I don’t play that way now as I don’t do it often, but when I do, I use an iPad/android app called Jamzone. I have about 120 song files I have purchased over the last year of so. Mostly pop, country and a few real oldies I like that I can play along with. It is simple and effective and can be altered to your needs. You can change tempo, and key, and since it is multitrack you can turn off the tracks you want. It also scrolls the lyrics and chords which is kind of nice for me addled brain.