RealBand: How to generate endings for RealDrum tracks

Posted by: hughrheinsohn

RealBand: How to generate endings for RealDrum tracks - 11/09/20 04:41 PM

I'm using RealBand 2020. I want to have my RealDrum tracks end with a proper flourish ending, but instead the drums just keep playing until the song is out of measures. I am thinking there must be a way to tell the program where the end of the song was so the RealDrum track will end properly.

I have tried the following:

1. Set a blue (or green) marker on the last measure of the song.
2. Set a blue (or green) marker on the measure immediately following the final measure (in the gray area of the chord chart.)

Neither makes any difference in terms of how the drum track ends. The drums just keep playing normally (after flourishes at the marker points) until the song runs out of measures. Sounds very amateurish.

I did a chat with support and they suggested setting up the song in BIAB first and then importing it into ReadBand. Seems like a convoluted solution but I'm about to try it now and I'll report my discoveries here.

Does anyone have any insight into how (in RealBand alone) to create proper RealDrum endings?
Posted by: justanoldmuso

Re: RealBand: How to generate endings for RealDrum tracks - 11/10/20 03:50 AM

it would help to know what type of ending your going for.
maybe a song example from you tube.
i do custom endings sometimes.
many ways. fades/one shots/drum solos at end /all sorts.
what are you going for.
a good way to experiment is to start a new project in biab or rb, and just experiment with a drum track.
what i do for example is put part markers all over the chord
sheet in biab, load up a real drum trak, and test out various ideas. you could for example switch to a new drum sound for an ending. for example i just did that in a new song.
you can also build custom drum traks useing rd's as a base.
lets say you got a regular drum trak going in a song but want a drum solo at intro or end, or anywhere.
you can do that.

Posted by: hughrheinsohn

Re: RealBand: How to generate endings for RealDrum tracks - 11/10/20 08:03 AM

Thanks justanoldmuso!

Basically I just want the drums to end you a normal flourish like they do in BIAB. I did some experimentation and it looks like BIAB is able to tag a measure as the "END", which instructs the RealDrum algorithm to throw in an ending at that point. RB lacks that capability. So the solution (the solution I'm using now at least) is to build out the song in BIAB with a simple instrumental arrangement and then import it into RB and add additional RealTracks and RealDrums in RB (and replacing all the BIAB-generated tracks if necessary.) A bit "worky" but functional.

I have a project to finish now and then I'll experiment with your suggestions. Thanks again!
Posted by: justanoldmuso

Re: RealBand: How to generate endings for RealDrum tracks - 11/11/20 02:50 AM

what i do is in the multitrack software i have several drum traks.
eg one rd drum trak straight like a clik trak.
then one for fills, and another for extra flourishes.
and also might have an added one for 4 traks.

lets say the song is called rocking budgies lol.
i will have 4 biab files i create.
1. one called budgies arrangement. total song overview.
2. A SEPERATE biab file budgies "fills"
3. seperate budgies "flourishes"
4. seperate file called budgies "endings".
(read help how to do endings. i dont bother with fades in biab. i do that in my daw software.)

this gives me TOTAL CONTROL.

in files 2 thru 4 i experiment with or without part markers.
shots/solos/endings different drum styles.
for example lets say budgies starts off with a rok style.
nothing to stop you switching to say a latin perc style overdub as a flourishing ending. or say adding a japanese drum etc etc.

just remember eg to solo the drums.
lets take 8 bars eg
the dot d tells biab to only play drums.
now after selecting a style add in part markers and experiment. lots of ways to build drum traks.

ps read up in biab help how to do shots etc etc.