chords in track view

Posted by: paulpaul

chords in track view - 01/21/21 12:55 AM

just trying realband out as a daw ,just to try keep everything within the biab environment .

open any style load demo.
open Plugin(scaler 2)
create individual chords corresponding to the realband song chords with phrases etc within scaler,
drag the created chords into realband track view(this takes about 10 secs, is this too long)im only doing 1 to 2 chords at a time.
the problem is that i have to keep switching back to the chord view to see what the next chord is.
is there a way in realband to show chords in the track view.

Posted by: Bob Calver

Re: chords in track view - 01/21/21 02:08 AM

i'm not sure of your workflow. why not enter the chords direct in RB? i don't use scaler so i'm not sure what advantages it might give you but if you know the chord progression you can enter it direct - same as creating a song in BIAB.

as to chords in the tracks window i don't think its possible - the two windows are separate. maybe windows will allow you to display them side by side or on top of each other.

i'm also not sure why you need the two at the same time. can you give us a bit more detail of what you are trying to do? there are some real RB power users who might be able to help.
Posted by: paulpaul

Re: chords in track view - 01/21/21 04:39 AM

I'm sorted .I'll just open 2 instances of realband.

Scaler lets me edit chords/progressions by choosing different phrases,arpeggios timing etc then lets me drag into a daw as midi.a bit like the regeneration of a real track but it has some nice phrases.just another way to add bits and pieces to songs.
Posted by: rharv

Re: chords in track view - 01/21/21 03:09 PM

You could always do this instead of running multiple instances ..
Posted by: paulpaul

Re: chords in track view - 01/22/21 01:40 AM

that is what i want.
ive searched for docking but cant find how to achieve what you show.

could you please tell me how this is done.
Posted by: rharv

Re: chords in track view - 01/22/21 04:50 AM

I simply used the mouse to position the mixer on the right side and the chords on the left.
Resizing by dragging the corners of the windows. Once set it should 'stick'.
Posted by: MountainSide

Re: chords in track view - 01/22/21 04:55 AM

This is a great tip Rharv! Should be posted in the Tips and Tricks section.

Thanks for posting this!

Posted by: paulpaul

Re: chords in track view - 01/22/21 07:05 AM

so simple.
brilliant, thanks