Rerouting effects in Real Band

Posted by: Don M

Rerouting effects in Real Band - 04/12/21 01:18 PM

Though I have been in the music business all my life, I'm somewhat new to recording technology. Apologies if this is an idiotic question . . .

I want to record a guitar track on track 1
Then add an effect to the guitar on track 1 (let's say reverb)
I then want to send that reverb effect (just the effect) to track 2 and record it there.

Third step is the problem. Sending just the effect signal and recording it eludes me. I have searched the manual and Youtube, but am unsure if I am even using the correct terminology to form an intelligent question and/or valid search.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Del

Re: Rerouting effects in Real Band - 04/12/21 01:32 PM

Hello Don,
The way I interpret your question, you want to put the exact same effect for track 2 as track 1 has so you can record a guitar on track 2 with the exact same effect. You should be able to do this be setting up the effect in the 'Mixer' panel. I believe you would have to have the two tracks as a subgroup and assign the effect to that subgroup.
Posted by: rharv

Re: Rerouting effects in Real Band - 04/12/21 02:20 PM

I read it a whole different way.
I take it that he wants JUST the reverb effect recorded to its own track, which in recording means you are now hard writing that effect as is to it's own track; in other words, you can't go back and change it .. ever, without redoing it.

In this day/age this is not a good work flow since you can keep the effect and adjust it whenever as needed as long as you don't hard write it.

Now to get to my answer.
Open the effect in the FX area (if reverb) and set the MIX to be 100% 'Wet' inside the reverb effect. This is so you get a good signal in the end result for the new track, and you only get the reverb itself (no dry guitar).

Next, Render that track to a Wav file, either using right-click options or simply using the SOLO feature and then rendering it via the Render menu options.

Once rendered to WAV, you can then Import it back into the desired track number using the Import Audio feature.

Then adjust the original track's reverb to whatever you want (assuming you want it NOT 100% wet).

If your end goal is to just have the reverbed guitar on a track, it may be easier to duplicate the track and use 100% Wet on one track, and 0% Wet on another. This would allow keeping your options open in the future.
Unless you need to free up resources by getting rid of real-time plugins, of course.

Hope that helps.

Posted by: rharv

Re: Rerouting effects in Real Band - 07/16/21 03:53 PM

To do this (according to the schematics) would likely require the source track gets recorded or split to two MONO tracks.
That way you could put the phaser on one track and the phaser/delay combo on another.
It would take a bit of tinkering, and I'd suggest using the Save Group option in the FX area so the settings get saved per track (give each track it's own Group and it should load that Group, including settings, when invoked).

Again, you'd have to tinker with the chosen phaser and delay settings since these seem to be presets in the synth with fixed values.
It can likely be emulated, but not easily using any trick I know of.