beat/pulse location

Posted by: eddie1261

beat/pulse location - 04/26/18 07:40 AM

There have been times before, and I am at one again, that I need to snip and paste just a hi hat or just a kick from an exact spot to build a custom drum pattern. Those events are not always on a specific tick. When I position the scrolling transport line, I don't know where I am in a measure. Is there a way to toggle that on? If I could see that this is bar 1, beat 3, tick 55, that would help greatly in customizing these drum parts.

If I were to try and paste the bright yellow track to get JUST that tiny, almost subliminal event, how can I see position when I get to the paste function? If we were able to zoom in the beat markers of the measures down to at least 16th note resolution it would be easier. Is that doable?

In this case I am trying to move a kick drum and while I can move the kick drum, the hi hat behind it disappears. That tiny tick would be a hi hat that I need or the place where I cut and paste to will have a hole of silence in it.
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Re: beat/pulse location - 04/28/18 02:33 AM

Can you use the big or little clock ?
You have a Merge Paste option and you can set the from position.

It might be easier using the PG Drum kit "Rock Kit.sfz" in Sforzando VSTi and create up the drum track with the piano roll with copy & paste or modify a PG midi drum track.

You can also drag the C:\Program Files\PG Music Inc\Band-in-a-Box Sounds\Programs\Drums\Rock Kit.wav
into RealBand and copy & paste the hits.

Or if you want to add extra hits to a RealDrum add those hits with midi to the track below using Sforzando VSTi, you can use the metronome to add what hits where, then render the 2 tracks to a stereo wav.
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Re: beat/pulse location - 04/28/18 07:45 AM

Originally Posted By: Pipeline
Can you use the big or little clock?

Wow. That clock NEVER occurred to me!!! I always have it set on "clock" clock to time how long the song is but never on the counter. Now I know. Merci.
Posted by: rharv

Re: beat/pulse location - 04/30/18 04:02 PM

It's also noted in the bottom left corner of the screen in Pipeline's screen shot.
His is showing real time (HH:MM:SS;mS) like you mentioned.

You can see the time mark/selection in a lot of different ways, depending on your setup/options.