Posted by: jford

Embellisher - 04/08/19 09:36 AM

One of the BIAB features I like to use quick often and tweak is the "melody embellisher" feature. It only works on the melody track, but this feature lets me input notation straight (as you might see in in a songbook), and then use the embellisher to give it some life. Of course in BIAB, it plays live (which means it can be a little different each time you play through), but once you are happy with the results, it also lets you hard write the embellishment to the track.

I would love if this code could be applied to any individual MIDI tracks in RealBand. Highlight the track, select embellish, make the appropriate settings, etc. If it required it, I'd be okay if it just wrote the embellishment to an unused track (to preserve the original track as entered). Just thought this would help to somewhat humanize a MIDI track in RealBand.
Posted by: Jim Fogle

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It was also greatly assist those of us that infrequently create MIDI melodies and do not have a strong vision of how to humanize the data.
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Re: Embellisher - 06/03/19 12:44 PM

A very worthwhile feature to incorporate into RealBand.
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Re: Embellisher - 07/08/19 07:13 AM

An excellent idea! Big +1 from me too!