Posted by: silvertones

wifi - 03/01/20 05:34 PM

Able to access rb on a laptop from a pad out in the crowd. My mixer works this wasas well as my DBXDriverack pa2.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: wifi - 03/05/20 06:03 PM

What are the things you need to access in rb ?
EDIT: and is your pad apple or win ?
Posted by: silvertones

Re: wifi - 03/06/20 07:28 AM

My pad is Android. Teamviewer works great. They have a lan mode and my setup utilizes a router so works. It just would be cool to go to a page in RB choose a network and your connected. To answer your question this is for playback so the jukebox is really all i need to acces so my sound guy and manipulate songs.
Posted by: Pipeline

Re: wifi - 03/06/20 11:22 AM

I saw in the RB forum you found Teamviewer but maybe it wasn't working good enough for you.
You can get android apps to send keystrokes to the PC but if Teamviewr is working good just use it.