rb xmas wishes.

Posted by: justanoldmuso

rb xmas wishes. - 04/26/20 08:30 AM

1. i like to work fast laying down traks for new
song ideas and dont want to wait for waveform
draws. might i suggest an rb option whereby
like in biab no waveform draws.
this could be turned on when needed.
i just find i work faster in biab over rb.
2. some recording software allows recording
in lossless formats eg flac thus saveing disk
space over wav.
Posted by: Simon - PG Music

Re: rb xmas wishes. - 11/27/20 05:07 PM

1: I don't think having no waveform draws would significantly speed up Realband but I'll pass it on to the developers.

2: I would also appreciate a lossless format, though I think it would have to record in Wav first then convert to Flac rather than record straight to Flac. I'm not sure how other programs handle this.
Posted by: justanoldmuso

Re: rb xmas wishes. - 11/28/20 05:25 AM

i'm not sure 100 per cent, but i think there are royalty free public flac libs available to devs. or ogg whatever.
ive recorded in flac many many times , and i dont think
there is an intermediate wav step. cos i get no lag.
very snappy/fast. but i could be wrong cos i havent coded in
eons. lol.