BIAB 2019 Mac_VJT Application not installed

Posted by: StephenTHNZ

BIAB 2019 Mac_VJT Application not installed - 11/01/19 03:01 AM

A couple of video RealTracks questions for the pros.
1, When I try to install my Video RealTracks sets (1-6) that I've bought, BB 2019 tells me they already exist and do I want to replace or merge the video RealTracks with them. Not sure of what to do. There are folders with the same name, but they have no mp4 videos in them. Do I just replace these with the video RealTracks versions.
2. I have already substituted one set with Video RealTracks set one, but when I go to test the video rendering (I'm doing this fro the mixer), I get the message that the JTV Application is not present on my system.
3. I also cannot seem to find a video button. I'm sure there used to be a save as YouTube dialog (or something like that).
Any help would be most appreciated.
Posted by: Andrew - PG Music

Re: BIAB 2019 Mac_VJT Application not installed - 11/01/19 03:33 PM


1. I would suggest "Merge", if you are copying the folders from another location. (I assume that's what you are doing, since an installer wouldn't ask you if you want to merge, it does that automatically). The folders may very well already exist but are lacking the video files, since Video RealTracks add videos for some existing RealTracks instruments

2. It sounds like you don't have the VJT tool installed (which is included with Video RealTracks). I will private message about this since it is specific to your account.

3. The Video saving is currently unavailable in Band-in-a-Box x64. For saving a video, you'll have to launch the Band-in-a-Box-32bit app (this is temporary, and we'll have a free patch to address this issue)