Chord entry question MAC BIAB 2020

Posted by: uncle808us

Chord entry question MAC BIAB 2020 - 11/07/20 06:42 PM

After a couple of years as a casual user on and off.
I have a chord entry question:
How do I enter a chord phrase like this:
E dotted quarter, Eb eighth, C quarter Bb quarter. ?
Is this at all possible ? I hope so.
Thanks to everyone who reads this and my appreciation to anyone who can answer my question.
Mac user Band in a box 2020.
Posted by: Simon - PG Music

Re: Chord entry question MAC BIAB 2020 - 11/09/20 04:24 PM

Hi uncle808us, that's not entirely possible but you can get close. In the third beat of that bar, you can enter the chord as a Push (by starting the chord with a ^ for a 1/8 note or ^^ for a 1/16) - so you can enter "E, ,^Eb,Bb" but it won't have the C on the third beat.
Posted by: Peters Garage

Re: Chord entry question MAC BIAB 2020 - 11/14/20 03:08 PM

There is a workaround to do that.....

You double the BPM and play all instruments in half tempo - one bar in normal BPM equals 2 bars in double BPM - in that way you suddenly have eights to play with.

It is not a pretty way to do it, but it works, though some Real Tracks tends to be rendered slightly odd ;-)
Posted by: PVjf1

Re: Chord entry question MAC BIAB 2020 - 01/08/21 09:41 PM

Yeah, I sometimes do the same thing in iReal Pro for a tune that has different chords on successive 1/8th-note runs … not pretty, but it sounds okay, which is what matters.