Piano Roll?

Posted by: PVjf1

Piano Roll? - 01/21/21 05:11 PM

Two questions:

I wanted to drop an organ MIDI track an octave, which I was able to do in BIAB Piano Roll, but when I saved it, it jumped back up an octave … So I used the DAW plugin to export it into Logic Pro X.
I transposed it in Logic piano roll, but now can't figure out how to get that altered MIDI back into BIAB.

Secondly, I am attempting to fill out the inversions in the guitar part (Basie rhythm section), but when I select a couple of notes and try to copy and drag to another pitch it seems to be really inconsistent—-it worked for a while by selecting the notes and using Click-control-option, but then stopped working. The manual doesn't seem to address this--is it even possible in BIAB? (no problem in Logic)
I realize BIAB is limited as a DAW, but … confused

BIAB 2020 Mac
Posted by: babarton

Re: Piano Roll? - 01/22/21 05:51 AM


If you move MIDI notes in BIAB, you'll need to freeze the track. The second part of your question I'm not sure of. Much easier to do all this in Logic.

Posted by: justanoldmuso

Re: Piano Roll? - 01/22/21 07:08 AM

(dropping an octave.)
need more info.
1. is this midi with the octave issue, one that someone else made (OR another music software product made ?) and you have imported into biab ?
2. a midi you have created from scratch in biab ?

the devils in the details.
a common midi problem is, if a third party other than yourself has created a midi, there might be override events in the midi event list inserted.
caveat. whether this is your situation, dont know.
need more details. would suggest you post a pic of the midi events for the midi organ trak (before and after changes in biab ), so other users can give you further comment.