Posted by: WillyBob

Sunset - 04/22/11 06:32 PM

This just a slow Country song
Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: Sunset - 04/23/11 06:13 PM

Very nice gentle melody. Nice production with the exception of the opening note, it is being shortened, so it sounds abrupt coming in. I listened a couple of times just to be sure. Once it starts playing though excellent work.
Posted by: Skyline

Re: Sunset - 04/24/11 04:15 AM

Some information on what you used to create your piece is always useful and interesting, e.g. BIAB, MIDI/RealTracks, DAW, FX, etc. It also helps me to give any appropriate and fair feedback. For example, my comments would be different if a piece was entirely cut and pasted from 100% RealTracks than if the poster played all or most of the instruments. It sounds to me like you may have played all the guitar on this (?) in which case you have great style and feel. I really enjoyed it - an excellent bit of solo work!