3rd music video, Final for now.

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3rd music video, Final for now. - 03/03/12 06:17 PM

When recording the songs for the video with the WMP visualizations,
did 3 songs. This one is the last of the three.
Have to get back to work on my "Dance" CD songs.

This is one of them. Need 10 more plus finish WIP.


Thanks for your support.
Posted by: Steve Young

Re: 3rd music video, Final for now. - 03/03/12 08:06 PM

You're getting some good practice making videos! Good luck with your CDs

Posted by: PeterGannon

Re: 3rd music video, Final for now. - 03/04/12 12:26 AM

Very nice.

Perhaps you could describe the process of turning an audio file into a video like that on YouTube.
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Re: 3rd music video, Final for now. - 03/04/12 11:34 AM


Would be my pleasure.

Tools needed:

1. Windows Media Player
2. Your song plus extra short one, will explain below.
3. In my case a stand alone DVD recorder.
An alternate method would be hi quality Screen Capture. $$$$
or HD standalone DVD recorder. probably other methods beyond my knowledge.
Nother option bottom of page.
4. A TV HD or S-Video quality.
5. Quality video card with HD or SVHS video outputs.
6. SVHS cables, Audio cables.
7. Some kind of Video editor. I have Pinnacle Studio 14 with extras.
a. You must be able to import:
DVD-VR (that is industry ID for VR) DVD+R DVD-R couple of common ones.
8. Time...no joke, this can take quite a bit of time.
9. Hi speed internet. The "Like That Girl" video was bout 248 meg

How Frank did it.

1. Start up Windows Media Player.
a. Click on Visualizations
b. select Alchemy or one of your choice.
I use Alchemy for its many graphic variations as the music plays.
2. Load short song and your target song.
a. place short song on top of song list.
the short song will give you time to start up everything.
3. Setup you DVD recorder or Capture system for recording. Do not start.
a. Also set recording mode to highest quality. My unit was 1 hour.
b. Insert blank formatted DVD.
4. Setup you HD or quality TV.
5. Install all your cables, TV-DVD also PC-DVD
a. I placed a MINI stereo Y cable on PC audio output.
b. Of course you could also use your mixer outputs.
6. Setup your PC video software outputs to highest quality you can use.
a. In my case was S-Video. Also have HD outputs, but recorder wont handle.
7. Using you PC screen to test the WMP, play the song with visualizations.
a. Lower RIGHT corner of WMP is box that set full screen, try it.
you must have your mouse positioning above lower play toolbar for toolbar
the toolbar to shut itself down.
8. Setup your PC video output card for TV or method your using to record video.
a. In my case is TV. I have PNY NVIDEO GeForce 9600GT card.
9. Turn on your remote DVD recorder and TV.
a. Setup DVD for input from PC and output to TV.
b. Select TV input from DVD player.
10. Move the WMP screen over to nice visible area on TV screen.

Quick note: This is written detailed, but all of this has to work.

11. Using your PC mouse migrate over to TV WMP screen. Click on Play music.
a. Just take note it works.
b. Now, click box lower right corner, this will force full screen.
c. Great it works..hope for you.
d. Press PC keyboard ESC key, this downsizes WMP screen for your work.
12. Assuming all of these steps work:

13. Start your DVD or Capture device.
14. Start your SHORT top song playing.
15. Click on lower right full screen box.
16. Sit back and wait for all the music to play.
--------The above three steps takes a bit of time hence short song
which will be edited out later.
17. Stop recorder.
18. Remove DVD-VR (that is industry ID for VR) maybe a Duh.
19. Place DVD in you PC.

Now interesting part of ball-game.
20. Start-up your Video software.
21. Import the entire DVD-VR content.

--------In above steps, if you intend on creating multiple videos, put
multiple songs into the WMP play window in earlier steps.

22. Now this is where Frank will leave you to your own time.
Video editing, including titles, FX etc. is beyond this posting.
It mainly takes time and experience to learn. Its not terribly
difficult with decent software, but just tedious and time consuming.

I have taken photos of my 46" 1080P HD TV, they came out crystal clear.
If you own an HD camcorder, setit up to record your LCD screen.
Connect PC/mixer audio to Camcorder. Do your recording.
Tranfser Video result to PC editor and your in business.

Almost 30 steps eliminated.

Probably missed a step or two above.

Have not have my breakfast, and maybe today Luke warm coffee.
Had tooth extracted Friday after 2 weeks of antibiotics and misery.
My V-8 is missing on a couple of cylinders.

Don't hesitate to respond or email me. You folks have helped me a great deal.
I had all of this formatted nicely, but forum removed it. Will send you Txt formatted copy.

Good luck!
Posted by: PgFantastic

Re: 3rd music video, Final for now. - 03/05/12 12:09 AM

Nice song! Very well done! Thanks 4 sharing!

My Music
Posted by: seeker

Re: 3rd music video, Final for now. - 03/05/12 10:39 AM

Thank to Steve, Peter, and PgFantastic
Appreciate your compliments!
Posted by: Tim Lawrence

Re: 3rd music video, Final for now. - 03/05/12 11:45 AM

Very nice Frank.
Of course I like the music, and my wife described the video to me.
I wish I could make videos to go along with my music.
I think that's really cool.

Posted by: Tommyc

Re: 3rd music video, Final for now. - 03/06/12 07:36 AM

The COLORS, the flashbacks, they're attacking me Ma gimme my meds! lol