Last Train

Posted by: Rob4580

Last Train - 03/08/12 06:35 PM

Hey all.
Havnt been on for a while.
This is my latest effort.
All comments welcome.

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Title: Last train
File:Last train.SGU
Key=C , Tempo 125, Length (m:s)=2:35
4 bar intro, 73 bar chorus, from bar 5 to bar 77. Repeat x1 chorus
No Melody
No Soloist track.
Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0,
Style is _CONSHPS.STY (Country Shuffle (136 RS))
Style MIDI Instruments are :
RealTracks in style: ~539:Bass, Electric, Pop Sw 120
RealTracks in style: ~372:Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Hank Sw 120
RealTracks in style: 617:Pedal Steel, Background Shuffle Sw 136
RealDrums in style: CountryShuffle: a: CountryShuffleb: CountryShuffle

Leed guitar fill me
Leed vocals and harmonies me
Posted by: PeterGannon

Re: Last Train - 03/08/12 09:53 PM

Very nice Rob! Really enjoyed it.
Posted by: Tommyc

Re: Last Train - 03/09/12 06:45 AM

Good Job Ironbarkbob!
Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Last Train - 03/09/12 04:46 PM

Thanks Peter and Tommyc
Posted by: MarioD

Re: Last Train - 03/09/12 05:00 PM


I really liked your choice of RTs. Your vocals were spot on and the train effect put it over the top IMHO

Two thumbs up
Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Last Train - 03/10/12 04:42 PM

Hello MarioD.
Your comments are much appreciated.
Thank you
Posted by: vzudell

Re: Last Train - 03/10/12 06:25 PM

Hi Rob, You seem to have a real knack for picking the right tracks for good country stuff. I enjoyed the listen! Also listened to "Didn't Notice Me" while I was there and I couldn't help but think that Johhny Cash would have had a ball with that one. I seemed to hear him in every line.

Good job!

Posted by: Steve Young

Re: Last Train - 03/12/12 12:09 PM

Real nice! Good job all around! Enjoyed it.

Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Last Train - 03/12/12 05:28 PM

Thank you vzudell and Steve Young.

Thank you for your ecouraging comments
Posted by: Tim Lawrence

Re: Last Train - 03/12/12 09:02 PM

Good job Rob.

Love a country song with a train in it.

Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Last Train - 03/13/12 04:44 PM

Thanks for your comment Tim.
You made me laugh.
Posted by: seeker

Re: Last Train - 03/13/12 07:14 PM


Liked as mentioned above, the train really added a nice important part of your song.
Especially liked you doing the background vocal support. Added
a lot to your song.

Your a very creative person, with a lot of talent!
Posted by: Rob Helms

Re: Last Train - 03/13/12 08:26 PM

Cool song mate! Loved the mix. Very simple and effective.
Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Last Train - 03/14/12 05:56 AM

Thanks Seeker and Robh for your kind coments.
Posted by: Bonjo

Re: Last Train - 05/11/12 03:47 PM

Absolute Newbie here - got BIAB today, but have have spent the last few days lurking and listening here. All I can say, is that if this song - Last Train - is an example of what can be achieved with BIAB, then I've spent my money well. An excellent production all round. Well done.
Posted by: Rob4580

Re: Last Train - 05/11/12 06:05 PM

Warning for new BIAB users.
Be prepared for uncontrolled amounts of inspiration and copious amounts of songs writing.

Welcome Bonjo and thanks for your kind comments.
Will be keeping an eye out for your material.
Regards Rob.