Up-tempo Country Tune

Posted by: Duane Pinault

Up-tempo Country Tune - 05/13/12 01:52 PM

Here's another one while I'm at it:


All BIAB except for back piano by Jim Chasteen.

Vocal by Cheryl Dayton

Mixed by Jim Chasteen

Hope you like.

Posted by: Danny C.

Re: Up-tempo Country Tune - 05/14/12 03:31 PM

Very enjoyable, good lyric for a country song and I especially the vocal.

One nit-pick (for me anyway) the drums were a little too up front.

Keep up the good work,
Posted by: Duane Pinault

Re: Up-tempo Country Tune - 05/14/12 10:13 PM

Thanks for listening Danny and for the kind comments. I took note of your comment about the drums.