Updated Version: In My fathers Eyes

Posted by: Paul bright

Updated Version: In My fathers Eyes - 07/28/12 03:44 PM

Finally got around to remixing and re-sing this song..

BB Parts:

American Rock for guitar parts
Brent Rock - guitar Solo
Forever Praise for pad strings and organ
roots rock 3rd verse guitar and bass

Ezkeys for piano
EzDrums for drum

Posted by: jptjptjpt

Re: Updated Version: In My fathers Eyes - 07/29/12 01:17 AM

That's a rocker for sure. I hardly ever hear Christian Rock that actually rocks like this. But the instrumentation seems a bit out of sync or something. Good use of BIAB, that's for sure.
Posted by: MarioD

Re: Updated Version: In My fathers Eyes - 07/29/12 07:55 PM

This has GREAT potential! Super lyrics and backing tracks; a toe taper for sure. Your voice is really good!

I also thought that the instrumentation was slightly out of sync is spots.

I thought that the drums MAY be to busy in sections of this song, like the chorus.

Although I like voices out front this may be a tad too much out front.

This is just me and other may or may not agree. However I think this is a fantastic song that just needs a little polish to take it over the top.
Posted by: Paul bright

Re: Updated Version: In My fathers Eyes - 07/30/12 10:10 AM


The great think about this forum is the feedback you get...Your right.. the vocal is too up front.. and there are places out of sync.... Good I can correct those things in the mix.. and finish this one.. at least for a day till something else presents itself..lol