Latin Funk-Re-done ending

Posted by: cubanpete

Latin Funk-Re-done ending - 09/21/12 08:03 PM

Ok, thanks to all for listening, almost by popular demand, I changed the ending somewhat. Added the sax back at the last "B" section of the last chorus. Not sure that the "hanging" feeling that most people get is gone but, I think it is a little better, although I think I know where the problem is, but if anything, I'll work some more on it at a later date.
Again thanks for listening.
Posted by: rharv

Re: Latin Funk-Re-done ending - 09/22/12 07:48 AM

The Realtracks are all in time, I think the 'hanging' is from the other horns being behind the beat a bit. Just my guess. You added these manually right?

Nice job on the tune overall.
Posted by: cubanpete

Re: Latin Funk-Re-done ending - 09/22/12 03:42 PM

Hi, rharv, thanks for listening, what I meat by "hanging" is that people do not expect the ending right where it happens, which I tend to agree also, I would try to re-work it later, I'm working on something else right now. As far as the horns goes, no, they are part of the style. I think that if there is any behind sound at least at the begging is in the combination of the two drums styles that I put in the song. Right at the end of the first chorus the effect goes away, IMO anyway.