You Played (Me Like A Violin)

Posted by: Bruce B

You Played (Me Like A Violin) - 09/23/12 08:07 AM

A song about emotianal abuse and betrayal in love.
Technical info. BIAB tracks:
~902 Bass, Electric, SmoothCool Sw16 075
Real Drums: Hiphop
624: Fiddle, Soloist George Ev 085

Everything imported into Sonar. As I had a particular arrangement in mind, I played the guitars myself. The fiddle style only really likes major and minor chords, so I comped the solo from the various verses. Some notes had to be pitch-shifted. I deleted a bar from the ending to get what I wanted.

Comments welcome.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: You Played (Me Like A Violin) - 09/23/12 08:39 AM

Hi Bruce,

When I started listening, my first thought was "Wow. A lot of time has gone into putting this together." My impression is that you've really paid attention to detail. And there's a lot of detail in this composition and arrangement. It's a credit to you. I hope you don't mind my saying this, and it could be just me, but I would have liked the vocals to be around 1 - 2 dB higher because I found some of the words hard to hear.

By the way, the chord progression you used really appealed to me. It's one that I can't remember having heard before.

Overall, an effort to be proud of. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear it.

All the best,
Posted by: MusicStudent

Re: You Played (Me Like A Violin) - 09/23/12 08:43 AM

Bruce, bring those vocals more out in front in the mix with less fx. They are hard to hear.
Posted by: BruceI

Re: You Played (Me Like A Violin) - 09/23/12 09:48 AM

Mind if I call you Bruce?

I really like this. Something about it reminds me of a Queen song (not a particular one, more the feeling on some of their slower ballads). Maybe the progression (major to minor change?) or maybe the harmony guitar parts which are quite nice. I especially like the double-time feel on the bridge. The violin solo does sound a bit stitched together, which it is, but given the title, you obviously want violin in there. The vocal is a bit too low in the mix. Nice job!

Bruce Irving
Posted by: Pat Marr

Re: You Played (Me Like A Violin) - 09/23/12 11:29 AM

What everybody else said.

The song works for me. I especially like the musical metaphors:
"played me like a violin"
"life has no more high notes"

there may have been more, but as has been said already, it was difficult to understand your lyrics.

I thought it was a cohesive arrangement... nothing about it sounded forced or contrived to me. The way your guitar playing complemented the melody really added a good effect. That sort of touch just doesn't happen in backing tracks that are totally generated.

To my ears the vocals were not only too quiet, they were also a bit muddy. If you can get more clarity on the vocals it would be a great enhancement to your song.

All in all, I like it a lot!
Posted by: seeker

Re: You Played (Me Like A Violin) - 09/23/12 11:49 AM

Bruce B,

Very nice song, I enjoyed listening to it.
You did a nice job on the arrangements, and playing.
The lyrics told a nice story.

Only comment would be as above, bit more volume and clarity
in your vocals. BTW, you do have a really nice voice.

Thanks for your hard work and sharing with us!
Posted by: Bruce B

Re: You Played (Me Like A Violin) - 09/23/12 12:32 PM

Thanks for your comments guys, greatly appreciated as all were constructive. As you all probably know, it's difficult to be totally objective about your own work, which is why we have producers ;-) Being somewhat underwhelmed by my voice, i think I tried to warm it up too much and mix it as low as I could. The wonderful thing about a forum such as this is that you can get independant feedback about your work which is very helpful. I'll do a remix.